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WITE AAR - 15km not sound that far?!?
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11.09.1941, Kobona - small village at Lake Ladoga , current command place for Leningrad Front

Zhukov with allot STAVKA stuff doing inspection of Leningrad Front currently in conversation with GENL Makarin Popov commander of Leningrad Front
Zh: so what are our chance to defend city?
P: poor..
Zh: explain?
P: enemy is group 3 full corps of infantry and he preparing attack for 2 weeks now our scouts report huge number of separate battalions and artillery units reinforcing enemy every day, in same time we do not have rail line to city and best we can do is transfer 1 division over lake per week..
Zh: so we losing reinforce race, but we have forts and river
P: that is true but can't help us in long run we will hold line for some time but nothing can fill hole in our ranks after many attacks and enemy on other hand can replace they loses on spot, so in long run we cant hold city unless we can open rail line to it
Zh: and that is out of question for now?
P:'yes, i recommend we leave 23rd army to defend city as much as it can and use rest of mine front to build lines behind Volkov river, i m also need to transfer command of 7th army to someone there is to many fight around here i can spend time on they problems
Zh: that is easy STAVKA will take direct command of 7th Army, about abandoning city..
courier give urgent message to Popov:
24th army said they succeed to cut whole German infantry corps south of Lake Imlen, request any reinforce they can get..
Zh: See city is not lost, still, maybe some other fronts can force enemy to spread his units and give u chance?(to self) pity i have no units to send to 24th right now..
P: i m not expect from mine opponent to start making mistakes if he not do them for 3 months why will he start now?
Zh: We will see so far reinforce city with 1 division per week until we find better solution and stop wary about Karelia that is not mine problem.

Reserve Front, Kaluga
Enemy lose this week finishing our troops at Smolensk, beside that they manage to push us only 30 km to east, our defense is now 50 km deep and we new reinforces we got every day we feel we can defend capital, enemy is lose steam and his operations losing tempo every day.
Western Front, Unecha
We withdrawing 30 km per week enemy in pursuit, 4th army reporting huge concentration of enemy units in marshes, 3 full infantry corpses we have no idea what are they intentions..

SW and Bryansk Fronts report
We lose some advanced positions over river but we feel confident in our defensive line.
We will stop enemy before he manage to make bridgehead over river!

Southern Front HQ, Fedorovka
Coastal army is cut of at Nikolaev, i personally order rest of units who find they self on our side of ring to retreat over Dnper and make new defensive line behind river.
We are trying to connect defensive line at Dnper all way to Kiev, mouth of Crimea are dig to decent level and we are confident we can stop enemy there!

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18.09.1941, Leningrad
23rd army commander GENL Pyotr Pshennikov calling Commander of Leningrad Front GENL Makarin Popov
Pyotr: we need to reinforce city right now or we will lose it tomorrow
Makarin: i understand u but we have no units or means to send reinforce to city..
Battle is in peak Makarin listening sounds of artillery shells and aviation trough open line
Pyotr: enemy loses are 4 to 1 our no matter they have 5 : 1 advantage in soldiers and cannons, if we are to kill shvabe this is place and time but i need more soldiers and specially cannons!
Makarin: u are wise man Pyotr look at map there is nothing we can do we even lost last 15 km of land connection to city u are aware it is hard to transport whole divisions by fishing boats over lake?
Pyotr: damn imperialists can transfer whole army over sea in a week and i can't get 2 more divisions!??
Makarin: whole army without weapons i can send u more people to kill them they will swim if that is needed but u need guns not people city is full of unarmed people if u need them..
Makarin just got message from STAVKA, - You are to proceed by instructions we talk about at our last meeting, Zhukov.
(to self listening battle from line) i will spare Pyotr of this peace of info he need to think there is still chance...
Pyotr: (cooled after he understand what orders he can get from command if he continue this way) so what are mine options, stay fight to last, retreat over river, what is plan?
Makarin: fight...then after long pause...until u can.
Pyotr: can i at last get more planes?
Makarin: we already send u best we have from here to Moscow..
Pyotr: (after understanding his role) understand we will give all we can do not blame us for what will happened in next weak or two...
Makarin: Blame? u are already at doors of halls of fame, continue good job commander.
(how will he feel if he know we lost another 5 divisions south of Leningrad)

24th Army fail to hold German corps surrounded but they manage to cut one division in retreat..

STAVKA, Zhukov looking map
Enemy split his forces in 2 directions, 1 spearhead moving north to Rzhev and both Moscow MD and Reserve Front assure me they can slow them in that direction to very slow almost stop!
At south enemy moving form 3 directions in attempt to cut off whole western front somewhere behind Gomel we need to withdraw but still to force enemy to fight in this area because there is nothing important to us to lose there, whole industry in this area is transfered to Ural long time ago...
Tatiana get me Timoshenko on line...

At South nothing new, most of Coastal army is destroyed at Nikolaev and enemy testing our line at Dnper..
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25.09.1941, Leningrad, 23rd Army HQ

Courier deliver message to commander From Leningrad Front HQ,
..Pyotr i send u 26th Rifle division, it is elite unit all way from central Asia as gratitude because u still holding city..
Pity it is to late i have no means to transport unit into city at this time and inside city knife rage battle ongoing for for 3 days already..
Captain what are last report from our units in city?
Captain: We held up 2 attacks in row this week and we lost Forth, 123rd rifle div is at 75% strength, 92nd Tank Brigade 72%, 16th rifle division 58%
Pyotr: if i have time to replace 16th with 26th this can actually work.

Moscow MD reporting unexpected formation of German tanks from direction of Velikie Luki, full corps, whole front is in danger to be cut off if those units connect with troops south of Rzhev!
Reserve front inform us they fail to cut units south of Rzhev so our position is threaten now!

Timoshenko talk to Zhukov
T: in coordinated action of 10th and 13th armies we cut off 5 enemy divisions north of Gomel
Zh: North of Gomel? i send u informations of huge enemy formation which will get to ur positions EAST of Gomel do we talk about same units?
T: No this corps coming from West, i think Reserve front holding enemy units u talk about
Zh: Reserve front have priority in direction of at capital and it is paper thin at ur right wing u need to retreat immediate or ur whole front will be cut off
T: i will start retreating now but 4th is still in marshes trying to get out some leftovers of SW front

Coastal army sending telegram to Southern Front

Enemy push our units from Dnper..stop..we contra-attack..stop.. and break they bridgeheads..stop..request reinforcements i have only 4 divisions..stop..

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Блин, такой подробный ААР и на английском sad
urtelДата: Понедельник, 19.11.2012, 22:11 | Сообщение # 20

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02.10.1941. Leningrad front, Novaya Ladoga
23rd army lose control over city, 93rd Tank brigade destroyed, leftovers of 123rd and 16th divisions evacuated over Neva river.
Enemy forced Volkhov river north of Novgorod and pushing directly to east, estimated strength more than 2 corpses, enemy intentions unknown!

OSNAZ air base dispatching report from 21st Army to STAVKA
Zhukov: Zhukov here, 21st u say aren't we lost that army in marshes?
OSNAZ officer: this message to STAVKA from GENL Mikhail Efermov commander of 21st army we got through our partizan chanels
Zhukov: listening.
OSNAZ officer:
This is probably last report from 21st army so i feel obligation to report our road to oblivion and heroic fights we have on it, report will be send by contacts of 42nd partisan battalion.
21st army now have only 2 divisions, 53rd rifle divisions who still raiding rail lines between Brest-Litovsk and Minsk and 148th which fighting deep in Pripyat marshes.
We lost contact with cav.division two weeks ago, they position was 100 km south of Vilnius with orders to cut north rail line to Minsk. two rifle divisions are lost in attempt to connect with 26th army of SW front. I ask STAVKA to honor fights of 148th rifle division which, against they isolated status, successfully fight for already full month against enemy killing expeditions with goal to protect population exalted to marshes. I will not dispatch they current position in case this message get to enemy hands but if u got message then OSNAZ can give u current location of our brave unit.
Zhukov: 148th will be promoted to status of 1st Guard Division, and you(OSNAZ) are to find way to send them supply by air!

Moscow MD is retreat all units beside 30th army north of predicted line of enemy attempt to encircle us. 30th Army was stay in position to try to connect with units of Reserve front and cut of enemy right wing. 352nd rifle division was 15km short of achieving that goal.

Reserve front get order to carefully push with all units to west in attempt to divert as much enemy units at it can from Moscow MD and Western Front!
Western front reporting they cut off enemy panzer corps behind Gomel, and they retreating with all units but terrain is bad and they afraid one whole army will stay inside enemy circle.

Bryansk Front report enemy manage to make small bridgehead west of Cherkasy but it was retake in contra-attack and we feel confident we can defend river line.
Southern front Report Coastal army is fail to prevent enemy to get over Dnper south of Nikolaev.

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Quote (potap)
Блин, такой подробный ААР и на английском

thanks, i can try to write it on Russian but it will probably take me month for every post smile

i can do it on Serbian, but that will take you month to read smile
on example:

Ја могу користити Српску ћирилицу, али би вама требало много времена да то прочитате

so we stuck with damn english ...
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Osinovets Small port at Ladoga lake 30 km from leningrad, 09.10.1941, 04:40h,
Sentry officer wake up GENL Pyotr Pshennikov: we have urgent message from 43rd division.
Pyotr: what is going on?
Officer: commander is on line..
Pyotr get to field phone: Pyotr here (he get loud battle noise from line)
Mayor Ivanovich( out loud explosion sounds): Enemy is over river, i repeat position is lost, enemy attacking command post..
..Sound of explosion temporary deft everyone...
Pyotr: Ivanovich what is going on, where is enemy?
I: 10 minutes ago enemy show up at my HQ, we suspect it somehow infiltrate positions of 2nd fort unit and get to us from back..sounds of gunfire in room and then line broke
Pyotr: Alert army look like enemy get bridgehead over Neva, it is very little we can do now...

Moscow MD report after 3 days of heavy fights we manage to reopen pocket to our 30th army. we see any future attempt to cut enemy right wing pointless at this time.
29th army of reserve front reinforced with 31st manage to strength ring around 2 German infantry divisions, we are preparing to final assault in 2 days.

Timoshenko report from Orel:

10th army open pocket to 13th army, but both armies are in threat to be cutoff. Every day they stop to fight is one day lost to get out of big pocket. Whole front in danger to be overrun send more units to create next line of defense if we fail.

South of Kiev enemy is hold at Dnper excluding at region south of Nikolaev. South front start offensive operations on other side of river in attempt to realise pressure from Coastal Army, 51st army manage to encircle one Romania unit.. 43rd army at mouth of Crimea feel confident in they defensive line so Coastal army will not hold positions at all cost.

T34 factory at Gorky, which was put out of order last week by German night bombing raids, is now on way to Siberia, we will rebuild factory behind Ural so enemy can only dream about bombing it.
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02.11.1941, Vyshny Volochek, General inspection of North front status

GENL Makarin Popov reporting:
Not much happened in last month in mine area until last week. Before 3 days we lost last supply line over lake to leftovers of 23rd army in north part of city, they fight was heroic and buy us enough time to consolidate line behind Volkhov river. We still have some commanding issues, 2 armies are direct under STAVKA command we need to deal with that, all planes are left Leningrad area so it will not be run over in airfields. Yesterday enemy lunch para drop in size of 2 brigades in attempt to cut our north rail line, souther brigade is removed fast but north still resisting, anyway we are confident we will deal with them in next couple of days. 7th Independent army report total retreat of Finish units from they side of border.
GENP Fyodor Kuznetcov reporting:
After rebuild of 27th army and include 24th under NW Front command whole front is stabilized. We are confident using good defensive terrain we can prevent any deep enemy break-true or cut of of large chunk of our units, but some units are in big need for rest and refit so wee need some more units from reserve to organize resting process.

03.11.19451, Moscow, General inspection of Central fronts status
GEN Ivan Tyulenev, Moscow MD reporting:
We lost big part of 30th army in last month, we are now in process of rebuilding army in area of Rzhev. If enemy concentrate whole force he have in this area against mine front line i will need at last 1 more army to stop it. I also need to request reinforces for mine air units they are now generally protecting capital which leaving mine units without or with too weak air cover.
Marshal Boris Shoposhnikov, Kalin Front:
We had mixed results in last month, 29th and 31st armies isolate and forced to surrender 2 German divisions, ye it was nice parade with prisoners in Moscow we all remember that. But 49th and 20th fail to open pocket to 30th army and order from STAVKA to stop future attempts was lower morale of those units. Mine front hold long line from Rzhev to way south of Bryansk and to be worse we have orders to prioritize defense of capital so we are week in area we touch to Western Front!

04.11.19451, Marshal Semyon Timoshenko Western Front, Orel
Hard month on mine front, majority of 13th army will be finished in next days. I order planes to retrieve leaders and we now rebuilding army out of circle but morale is very low, soldiers not look kindly at orders to leave comrades behind enemy lines, they cant see big picture so it is hard to blame them. 10th army is still at tip and threaten to be cut!
GEN Mikhail Kirponos, SW Front, Konotop:
Our positions at Kiev and Dnepr are strong enemy not even attempt to probe that lines, but our position around Chernigov is bad, terrain not give us any help in stop enemy armored units and we are in lack of AT weapons.
GENL Fyodor Remezov, Bryanks Front, Sumy:
Bryansk front is confident we can stop any attempt of enemy forcing Dnepr in our sector. And we have one more info 1st Guardian Division is still alive. Those soldiers fight in such way that we already have many myth's traveling trough all units, morale is going up every time we got some message from them. Enemy was for some reason abandon Cherkassy, we march in with 3 divisions bridge is still functional so we will try to defend city with hope tohold it as good starting point for future offensive operations!

06.11.19451, GENP Yakov Cherevichenko, South Front, Stalino:
South front is fully reorganized with 3 new armies, we retake Dnepropetrovsa and destroy 1 Romanian brigade in last month, look like enemy is in retreat in our sector we still hold line on river and important bridgeheads.
GENL Ivan Konev, Caucasus Front, Dzankoy:
43rd Army hold mouth to Crimea, while Coastal army and 9th army hold line south of Dnepr, enemy have big bridgehead south of Nikolaev so we can't relay on river for defense propose. Coastal army have orders just to slow enemy advance but if they threat to be cut off they can retreat we are sure 43rd will prevent enemy to get into Crimea.

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06.11.1941, STAVKA, Zhukov and Stalin look at reports of global country and army situations.

S: look like tactics work, if we compare our and enemy OOB in last month we see good trend for us, we get more soldiers every day and they now have less they had before 4 weeks.
Zh: yes, but that is mostly because of good action of Kalin Front in wiping 2 enemy divisions.
S: we also get allot new soldiers, and ministers assure me we can count on around 15 new divisions every week for next 2 months.
Zh: yes we are growing fast and we have soldiers to fill new units, but our weapon pools are dry and we will need to hold many of those new units behind front line because we not have arms for them
S: not much i can do about that, we still have factories on rail tracks, and it take time before they get to full capacity, those reports say we will not have enough arms for at last 6 more months
Zh: and damn Germans never stop night bombing of our factories, we need to deal with that somehow
S: It is little left for them to bombard, problem is out AA guns production is at lower point right now so we can't fill AA units to protect cities by night, and our fighters simply can't find enemy at night, how enemy finding our factories is still unknown to us.
Zh: Air command is anyway pull many units in reserve with bad time and front activities slow down we need to give them rest and refit, at this point we not have 1 recon unit at front and most of bombers are refitting with new planes, but our il2 production is really hurt, 10 planes a week is way too low...
S: il2 factories are now out of enemy reach and form now on production will only grow never again it will be this low.
Zh: Out total losses are serious, but we deal some damage to enemy too i think we can handle much more than them and bad weather work for us, winter is coming..

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12.11.1941, Ivanovo, 1st Shoick Army HQ, GENM Ivan Bagryanov answering to call from STAVKA

I: hello, Bagryanov here.
Zhukov: Hello comrade Ivan look like your time is come..
I: really, 2 more weak of training will do miracle for mine army
Zh: i m sure it will but we not have it, enemy attempting to cut large part of NW Front and Moscow MD
I: so where are we going?
Zh: Deploy 1st Shock army around Torzhok, u will probably get one more week to train on spot before u meet first enemy formations. Your priority is to stop any enemy movement toward capital, 57th Army was send to strength NW Front then we will see how situation advance!
I: so mine army will be in reserve?
Zh: if 22nd and 34th can hold line then yes, we also sending good number of air units to Moscow MD so enemy will not easy rule sky above ur heads
I: Understand!

13.11.1941, Tatiana just informed Zhukov he have Marshal Timoshenkon on line two

Zh: Zhukov at line.
T: Ground is frozen to fast, mine 10th army are now in even more danger to be cut off, i heard we have whole army resting at Ivanovo, i formally request u send them to me, just for 2 weeks so i can save 10th..
Zh: heh u hear allot but i m afraid i can't
T(interupting): i understand it is some kind of new special trained army and need more time to assembly but i will lose whole army if we not reinforce positions of Cherginov
Zh: i understand ur position but
T(interupting): i m not aware how good do STAVKA understand position on mine line
Zh: Listen now, i NOT HAVE IT ANY MORE, they are already deployed to front but i promise u will get some serious reinforcement in next weeks
T: understand, (to self) weeks are to far for 10th...

Short report from Caucasus front:
Coastal Army was forced to retreat another 15 km to east.
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20.11.1941, Kabozha, Marshal Kliment Voroshilov, Volkhov Front report:

This week we finish huge reorganization of north fronts, Leningrad front now command 23rd, 54th, 52nd army at positions south of Ladoga Lake. South of them is mine Volkhov front with 55th, 28th and 57th army. More to south is NW Front with 8th, 48th 24th and 27th army, whole NW front is retreat some 90 km this week to avoid be cut by advancing enemy units from north and south, terrain is good for defense and we will not try to stop enemy at hills SE of Lake Ilmen.

10th army commander GENL Constantin Golubev had hard choice to make, or to run with only 3 divisions from encircle by 10km wide gap or to stay inside with majority of forces and try to fight at favorite terrain but without supply's. He chose 2nd option fallowing stories about 1st guardian division who still roaming trough marshes some 200 km west from his position.

Coastal army continue they slow retreat under constant enemy pressure, this week they retreat 30 km.

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27.11.1941, GENM Aleksandr Vasilevsky 57th Army HQ

Report to Volkhov Front HQ:
In last weak 57th army stop enemy advance in 45km wide front. Look like enemy lost ability to mount overwhelming assaults. I recommend 368th rifle Division and 19th rifle brigade to be honored because they stop 3 times bigger enemy from taking important hill on left wing of mine line, which make job for other defending units much easy.

1st Shock army commander report to Marshal Zhukov at STAVKA
It looks like enemy is afraid of us, yes i know it is silly but enemy get to our positions probe our defense with recon units and turn around. We send our recons to inspect what is going on and we find many enemy soldiers frozen in snow, what is even better look like they cloth are remove from bodies and that can't be done by our civilians because no one was in that position beside Germans!

10th rifle division report to 22nd Army, We manage to stop two German attempts to force river, our position is still solid but in danger we request 1 more division to protect area. Special regret to air command for first time our soldiers look at sky and see 20 of our planes chase 8 enemies and clear sky for our bombers to attack advancing enemy units.

Bryansk Front commander talk to South Front Commander:
GENL Fyodor Remezov: Our recon units report enemy is fully retreat from Dnepr line, what is going at ur front?
GENP Yankov Cherevichenko: same here, but i got report from Caucasus Front, enemy still advancing at they side of front, so i think it is time we move to west comrade!
Fyodor: i was already send couple of divisions to secure bridgeheads but i think it is not wise to left river line without consultations with STAVKA, so shall we make joined request to pursue enemy to west?
Yankov: yes by all means we also have good bridgeheads even trying to repair rail line i find our starting position very good, now let as make request to Zhukov.

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Quote (urtel)
Ја могу користити Српску ћирилицу, али би вама требало много времена да то прочитате
Для меня лучше был бы сербский язык + translate.google.com , чем английский + translate.google.com wink
Но так как на форуме многие знают английский, то лучше использовать его.
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04.12.1941., STAVKA, Zhukov on-line with commander of 1st Shock army:

Bagramyan: Enemy is in full retreat, time is come for us to attack!
Zhukov: no
Bagramyan(interupt): NO?!
Zhukov: we here have much better view at situation than u so we at STAVKA have other plans for your army
Bagramyan: listening
Zhukov: your position will not take 60th army from reserve and you are to pack and rail
Bagramyan(interupt): i really not like to rail out now when enemy is running!
Zhukov: ..and rail to advanced positions of 27th army where u will strike in full force to south and try to connect with 30th or 49th army of Transcauscasus Front who are to advance toward west in positions south of Rzhev!
Bagramyan: I LIKE THAT!, and i m sorry if i ever have lack of trust in our high command, i need to hurry now we not want to give enemy chance to run out
Zhukov: run fast, and be ready for heavy fights enemy will not just lay arms on sight, we reinforcing air units in area all time...
Bagramyan: understand, on my way.

Zhukov now phone Volkhov Front HQ:
Zh: Kliment look like enemy forgot to prepare for our winter we getting report from all fronts enemy is in retreat what is going on at ur side?
Voroshilov: that is maybe true for souther fronts but here on north we have Finish army and they for sue have winter cothing, also we spot German mountain divisions not have any problems with our winter.
Zh: so u can't advance, can u hold line at last?
V: but we are advancing, slow but advancing
Zh: Great so north is safe
V: yes and we are killing fine numbers of enemies if i may say
Zh: good, continue good job commander.,

Zhukov on-line with commander of Caucasus Front at Sevastopol
Zh: Comrade Konev ur front wast last to be relief from enemy pressure are can u now reorganize to advance?
Konev: i will start advancing next week first need to swamp mine tired Coastal Army with fresh 43rd and then we are moving, 9th army is already find good spot to force Dnepr so we are moving
Zh: good, i have reports from South and Bryanks front enemy running big time, they can;t even find rearguards..
K: i m not afraid i will lose contact with enemy, we have low level battles all over line
Zh: good, try to pine enemy to ur line so we can cut it from north..
K: doing that already...

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Харьков немцы не взяли, и завод Т-34, видимо, работает на полную мощность. Мощные военные заводы в Сталино тоже остались нетронутыми. Ох и тяжело придётся немцам smile
Желаю взять Берлин не позже мая 1943!

Хотелось бы увидеть данные по военному производству в СССР.

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