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Одни живут - чтобы играть.
Мы играем - чтобы понять, как выживали другие.

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Форум » Gary Grigsby’s War in the East и War in the West » AAR-ы по War in the East » WITE AAR - 15km not sound that far?!?
WITE AAR - 15km not sound that far?!?
urtelДата: Суббота, 03.11.2012, 23:39 | Сообщение # 1

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This will be mine first ever PBEM game, so why not share it...

i m playing Soviet side against Dimitry as ZeGermans smile

game version 1.06.19 BETA
house rules, Dimitry suggest two:

1. not to drop supply's directly on armor spearheads, i said it is be fine with me he do that there is limited number of transport groups so i think that will not give him to much edge
2. do not use bombers to drop air supply, i said that is fine with me excluding beachhead supply mode where u bombers unload supply on air base i find not that hard to land with half loaded(reduced load for supply missions) bomber on already prepared airfield

so we started, we are now on end of first mud seasons but i think u will find first 10 turns as total crazy because i was all time try to cut his spearheads or free cut units and he was very light on flanks so there was crazy fun in first 10 turns, at last for me...

i have no problem for Dimitry to read this AAR because last turn will not be posted here before he play his side...

Edit: people fell free to comment, add something or criticize me..

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urtelДата: Воскресенье, 04.11.2012, 00:09 | Сообщение # 2

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22.06.1941, STAVKA

Comrade S looking at reports of fighting from all wester fronts...dead silence in room, Marshal Timoshenko waiting response to his report, secretary Tatiana almost stop breading expecting Stalins brust at negative informations from early morning...

S: NO i not buy it , i will not go into war with Germany because of some border hot head commander drink too much vodka! not now i m not ready Soviet union need at last 1 more year...
T: So what are standing orders?
S: Send 3 most trusted men to fly there and check situation personally, no future orders at this moment...

in mean time ...

Local contra attack of 12th tank division and 2 rifles divisions fail to open Lvov pocet beacuse of stubborn dense of GD mot regiment!

at Minsk commander of 55th rifle division deny push to north without orders from STAVKA so western front fail to cut whole Panzer Corps around Minsk! if he know what he done he will probably kill it self but his faith will be even worse in POW camp...

at north lone at brigade manage to open pocket to main body of NW front, but 5th airborne corps report grim news:
- enemy manage to take bridgehead over Dungava and they have no means to stop panzers with only rifles !

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urtelДата: Воскресенье, 04.11.2012, 01:00 | Сообщение # 3

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26.06.1941, STAVKA

S: Tataina where are reports from special investigation team?
T: we not have such reports...
S: how come? why they need 7 days to fly to west border and make REPORT!
T: we not have any information about them, and our communications with Minsk is most western report we got.
S: i will give them 1 more day! inform them about time lime they have!

in mean time

uncoordinated attack of 4 tank and 2 rifle and 1 cav divisions against 1 mot brigade fail to open north pocket, but south pocket find way to connect with troops around Stanislav and in proces they pocket 2 panzer divisions.
enemy air superiority is total! Little south of marshes 19th tank division fail to connect with 200th rifle division, they only need 15km....

4th Airborne Corps move south from Minsk to connect with troops at marshes, but corps also holding Minsk and connection with some desperate units west of Minks, too much space to cover with this tiny corps...

At north enemy used bridgehead to transfer 2 full panzer divisions over river local commander hoped to cut them from other side of river but enemy was cautions and one full panzer division was waiting....NKVD division take full control in Riga preparing city for defense from all directions, they have support of 1 division and 1 brigade of NW front, they are confident they can defend city for long time and Red Banner Navy is promising supply's from sea if Riga lose connection to rest of country...

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urtelДата: Воскресенье, 04.11.2012, 18:38 | Сообщение # 4

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03.07.1941, STAVKA

Short telegram with report from 4th Rifle Corps HQ with security level of investigation team is just delivered by Timoshenko to Stalin:

... western front destroyed ...stop .. i order 13th army to abandon defense of Minsk and try to get to Pripyat marshes..stop..to late...stop..
allot HQs of western front wait transportation on rail stations deep in marshes..stop..i strongly suggest activation of industry evacuation plans...stop..
where is our aviation?..stop

S: I m taking command of STAVKA u go to marshes and reorganize wester front, and no i will not give 1 train to those fat generals to get they asses out of it let them walk or die there...
T: Air command report around 5.000 lost planes many of units exists only on paper they ask for complete withdraw from front and reorganization..
S: NO! only units without planes can withdraw rest will fly even if they have only 5 planes, soldiers need to see red star in air, warn air commanders i will not to see one more report when mine ground troops ask where are our planes, or they will be sent to those ground units...
T: i see we lost Minsk mine plan is to make defense line at Dnper from Vitebsk to Gomel
S: MAKE it where ever u want just do it fast i want to see consolidated wester front in couple of days or i will need to find other marshal to do that job!
S to Tatina: i want to see all heads of government we need to move all our industry to Siberia, damn svabo trying to get me unprepared...we will see..and i will need to speek to nation give me book of speeches...big red one ...

In SW Front HQ bad news fallow worse one, first Rumunian mountain brigade stop 1 rifle div, 1 mnt div and 1 tank div so we lose connection to at last 10 divisions...then 32nd and 45th tank divisions fail to connect over undefended clear train, even worse report come from our units at Tarnopol , local commander refuse to retreat so we are now in position to lose another 5 divisions...

13th Army succeed to connect to marshes but for how long? in mean time reserve armies start building defensive line on Dnper, Orel MD send all they troops too they even cut one panzer division

NW front order full retreat after unsuccessful block of Dungava bridghead, Riga defenders stay in place, main direction of enemy attack is toward Pskov, but NW front is too weak to put anything on they way, only some rear guards to buy time and die in process...

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urtelДата: Воскресенье, 04.11.2012, 23:53 | Сообщение # 5

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- Government activate evacuation plans, priority of evacuation:
1. tank factories
2. important plane factories
3. armament and vehicles factories
4. heavy industry
- priority will be override only in case of direct threat...
All factories of importance west of Grozny will be transfered no matter current situation on front, rail capacity are shared between army and evacuation in relation 20%:80%.
- Order is issue for fast replacement of obsolete fighter groups with new frames , 1st front line units, all il2 units are withraw from combat(insufficient numbers) and main bombardiers force will be SB-2 for now..
- All recon groups will stay on front no matter of obsolete planes and inexperienced craws, we need to see where enemy going no matter what...

NW Front HQ report nothing new, enemy advance through empty space toward Pskov, they estimate city will fall in 15 days...one German mot. division was go too far so it was cut by units of 11th army..
main body of 13th army with full 4th airborne corps are cut in Minsk area without hope of breakthrough, they promise to fight to dead and buy at last 7 more days for line on Dnper...
Interesting info come from NKVD border regiment, they manage to connect with 101st rifle division of reserve front and cut supply lines for no less than 9 enemy infantry divisions! Extra shipment of vodka is dispatch to them.

SW Front HQ report form Kiev, units of 176th rifle division and 15th motorized div manage to open supply line to Chernovstsy, pity units there was already crossed border of Romania with intention to teach some villagers worth of working class ideology..

Souther Front report combined German-Romania forces advance over Dnestr river, we not have enough units to stop them!

To add salt on wound Finland forces are on move our line is already breached in 2 places and we have no additional forces to send to this new front...
urtelДата: Понедельник, 05.11.2012, 22:24 | Сообщение # 6

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17.07.1941, STAVKA

Comrade S dictate orders to front HQs:
.. SW Front is to take delay actions in plains of Ukraine while new formed 38th and 18th armies are to start dig defensive line south of Kiev on left side of Dnper river.
South Front are to slow enemy and retreat in direction of Odessa and Nikolaev, fortify Odessa and make stand there Black Sea Fleet is order to support those actions!
Western and Reserve front are to take defensive actions in line Vitbsk -Mogilev - Gomel, they are to expect heavy attacks in next 7 days after collapse of 13th army in Minsk.
NW Front to fight defensive battle around Pskov, North front to retreat to old line with Finland and start dig Leningrad defense lines..

Report from SW Front, Kiev to STAVKA

47th tank and 218th Mot.div fail to open supply line to defenders of Proskurov, we doing all in our power to slow enemy advance.. but fighting German armored spearhead on open plains will not end in our advantage. Enemy is simply to fast, entering empty space and cut our divisions from supply lines every day..and we not have enough troops to make solid line, also we are short of anti-tank guns plus our planes was outperform by large margin. On good side our 3 divisions are enter Romania and reporting nothing on they way.

North Front report

23rd Army withdrawing to old line, but we are slow by enemy attempt to cut 2 divisions at Keksholm, so far only open line for retreat is fallowing coast of lake Ladoga, 7th Independent Army trying to hold enemy north of Ladoga lake but with only 3 divisions and 2 NKVD Regiments odds are not good..

110th Division report they are now cut off with large body of enemy infantry divisions, full army, who going in direction of Vitebsk fallowing north bank of Dvina river, they tank us for extra shipment they will put it in good use in last battle...
NW Front report
We reorganized defense of Pskov with 11th and 8th armies, we think we can hold line for another 7 days, Riga is still in our hands. 27th Army holding huge space between Riga and Pskov with only 5 divisions. Defense line south of Pskov not-exist at this time, only unconnected units from reserves.

Tatiana, we got new urgent report from General-Mayor Ivan Kopets

Western air command to STAVKA
..we are under 3 attacks per day ..stop..every day..stop.. we lose 200 fighter planes in last 7 days..stop..2 more weeks of this..stop.. and i will not have any plane to put in air...stop
Tatiana(to self): if he only know we lose 350 planes every week in just training missions he will not think his results was that bad...

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urtelДата: Вторник, 06.11.2012, 03:00 | Сообщение # 7

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24.07.1941, STAVKA, 00:30h

Tatiana: You have Marshal Timoshenko on second line...
S: Stalin here.
T: I want to report Western front is again functional and in battle...sound of air alert with bombing in background...
T(to communication officer):are we lost line? .. i repeat Western front is operational do u hear me.. what is going on there?
S: German pigs bombing capital, guess they gather allot night experience over London which allow them to fly 600 km trough pinch dark and hit out IL2 factories night by night..
(more to self) i will like to have some of those crews under mine command..
T: i said..
S: i heard u first time
T: anyway, 10th and rebuild 13th army act as front cover for Reserve front units around Mogilev, while 3rd army block way to Gomel with 21st army of Orel MD..
i still have 4th army stuck in marshes
S: any prediction of future enemy advance?
T: i think enemy will not pass Dnper around or south of Mogilev for at last month, but our recon planes was spot new troops coming by rail south of Minsk..for now we do not know they strength or intentions
S: comrade continue good work, death to fascists!

50km north of Leningrad, ground liaison officer to Pyotr Pshehnikov commander of 23rd Army:
7th Independent Army report 7 days of heavy battles. They succeed to stop enemy on main line of advance but NKVD regiment fail to stop Finland jager and cav brigade attack on far north so they right wing is broken. they request permission to withdraw?
Pyotr: what i have with 7th Army? dispatch they request to Front HQ, do we have anything new about our request?
Officer: nothing our last standing orders are to withdraw to old defense line..
Pyotr: good, that mean we not have confirmation of that order
Officer: but we confirmed order three day ago
Pyotr: listen carefully, we not have confirmation of that order and now dispatch new order to 43rd, 115th, 142nd, 177th inf divisions and 198th mot.division :
- stop retreating, wait future orders at current positions!
Officer: but..
Pyotr: YES?!?
Officer: i understand commander.

Novgorod, NW HQ

Pskov will fail in couple of days, our forces are withdraw in forest north of city. Commander of 27th Army manage to cut of 1 mot.division and he is confident he can hold them cut for next 15 days, he ask for air cover and units to deal with enemy division while he holding blockade, we send only one NKVD regiment from Tallin..

Somewhere south of Smolensk, Reserve Front report
We temporarily cut off 1 mot.div and 1 panzer div, our line hold strong so far but we have weak connection with units north of Vitebsk.
Will new formed 34th Army be strong enough to cover our right flank?

Kiev, SW HQ

Game of cat and mouse are started in plains of Ukraine, enemy try to cut our troops around Vinnitsa, our exit is now only 30 km wide. More to south our 3 divisions fail to breach line of 1 Rum. cav. brigade and fail to encircle 3 Rumunian units. Troops act in very weak prepared attacks and under different command chains!
We have units from SW, South front next to unconnected reserves from STAVKA, even some units of Orel MD are in same area, that need to stop we need clear chain of command!
More to south we preparing defense of Odessa with 1 inf.division 1 rifle brigade and Fort unit, reserve units dig new defensive line on Yuzhny Bug while 3rd airborne corps stay alone as front cover.

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urtelДата: Среда, 07.11.2012, 04:22 | Сообщение # 8

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31.07.1941, Leningrad, North Front HQ

General-Leytenet Makrian Popov to security officer and his 3 man detachment:
Comrade Igor, listen carefully i have hard task for your group. Go to HQ of 23rd army and give this order to Pyotr (give paper to Igor). You are to stay there until he dispatch order to his subordinated units and u hear confirmation from they. If he try by any means to stall or deny order u are to arrest him and bring him here.
But before that u find his replacement commander and put him on duty and give him same order, if he deny shoot him on place for mutiny and take command of army in mine name until i send u new commander! Here u have all papers u may need, bring more man if u think u will need them.
Captain Igor: aren't we have enough enemies already?(more to self but General hear him)
P: Do you have problem with orders captain?
I: No i m on mine way
P: wait, while u are there give they communication officer this order to dispatch to 7th Army we can't get direct communication with them...
I(this time really quiet): do i need to shoot someone there too...

In mean time commander of 7th army is already order retreat to new positions and just in time because many of Finland units are pass trough broken line and he will for sure be cut of if he stay in previous position..

Commander of 27th army is holding his promise, German mot.division is still cut from rest of enemy troops. But German 60th Mot.Division not siting in place they take control of small port Parnu and now waiting for supply or evacuation ships. Red Banner Baltic fleet still have full control of Golf of Riga and promising no German ship will pass to Parnu, we send 1 division from navy base at Kuresare to help finishing enemy division, North front is send whole Baltic air fleet as cover, 16th Rifle division best in 27th army will join final attack in next 7 days...
178th Rifle division of 24th army report they fail to connect with 8th NKVD regiment and cut WHOLE German North Front (25+divisions), ill prepared unit was not strong enough for last 15 km of marsh...

24th army in cooperation with just activated Moscow MD cut 1 panzer and 1 mot. division west of Velikie Luki, on other side they fail to stop/slow main body of Germany infantry army at positions north of Vitebsk!

Reserve Front report from Smolensk:

- We manage to open line to 10th army of western front and we cut 1 German panzer corps north from Mogilev, situation is serious but still under control.

5th Army HQ, 30 km west of Vinnitsa, General-Mayor Mikail Potopov to communication team
Dispatch next message to all units in radius of 50km:
I m taking command of all units in area and ordering concentration of troops at mine current position with plan to break enemy line to east...
1 hour latter

Mayor Ivanov: we have control of 9 divisions, commander of 6th army from Vinnitsa give as his best units but ask we transfer him leftovers and weak units so he can hold western line in well prepared positions around city.
Potopov: great, now we have chance, remind me to tanks him if we survive this..
radio operator: we have message from SW Front HQ
Potopov: yes?
..our nearest unit..stop.. in planed direction of advance..stop.. is at Dnepr, 200 km to east..stop.. and they not moving to west..stop..
in just moment silence overtake office.
Potopov: hmm, we will still do as planed it is better to die trying than in POW camps, everyone continue as planed and send confirmation and our intentions to SW HQ...
24 hours latter

One lonely Ar-2, old 2 Engine bomber, just landed at small almost non prepared air field near 38th army HQ one small and one huge man get out of plan and march directly to communication room, soon allot crashing noise come from room, local security detachment rush there...
Young sergeant Misha was very confused with what he saw, all equipment is broken , radio operator siting in his chair, small man with many stars on shoulders looking at him while huge soldier behind him holding ppsh in his hands..
I m General-Polkovnik Mikhail Kirponos commander of South West Front and i demand to see commander of 38th army in shortest possible time, that means NOW sergeant!
15 minutes later

General-Lyutenat Sokolov reporting!
Mikhail: we not have time for formalities, i m highest ranking officer here and u not have means to establish communications with your superior command, so what your little red book say who is commanding officer now?
Sokolov: you?!?
Mikhail: yes, fine and now i m putting 38th army under command chain of South West Front and ordering u to advance to west in direction of Vinnitsa at once!
Sokolov: but mine units are only half filled green conscripts with more shovels than guns, and our task is to dig line at Dneper
Mikhail: Do i need to repeat all chain of command stuff again?
Sokolov: No, i understand orders commander but i m not sure i can compile them with mine Army
Mikhail: I m just promote ur army to full front line unit, and u will not see enemy we are entering empty space, all u need to do is march fast and hard toward Vinnitsa
Sokolov: Understand, comrade General!

..5 days later 48th Cav.division of 38th army make contact with 34th Cav. division of 5th army..

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VitPДата: Среда, 07.11.2012, 15:35 | Сообщение # 9


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Hi! Good AAR.
I would like to see the losses of the parties.

A few questions:
Where Comrade Zhukov?
Uses an opponent aviation besides the support of the troops and supplies?
Tatiana has been tested in NKVD smile ?

P.S. Please hide the big pictures under spoiler.
P.S.S. Sorry for my English.

urtelДата: Четверг, 08.11.2012, 19:39 | Сообщение # 10

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07.08.1941, Kremil, STAVKA

5:00h, Tatiana arranging last weekend reports on comrade Stalins desk, just before she think to leave room she go back to desk and put last report on top of pile, hmm reports are so grim i think he will not get to bottom of pile before someone got shoot, and if i not want to be one i need to think out something fast...yes, boiled Shlivovica is best i can do in so short time need to find driver Nikola...and she move fast and light steps to garage...
15 minutes later, Stalin entering room, before he got to desk Tatiana is giving him hot cup
T: Nikola was just come back from his home land and bring those drink u like here is one still hot boiled cup of Shlivovica...
S: i like brandy they make from plumbs, drink half of cup, yes exactly flavor i remember so let as see what we have for today.

North Caucasus Front report they send 46th Rifle corps to dig up at mouth of Crimea, hmm aren't we order disbanding all corpses 3 week ago? then he check date of report, it was 2 week ago, ah fine they must dig deep for all this time...drink cup to bottom, Tatiana almost without visible motion or sound fill next cup..

North front report, 7th Independent Army retreated into heavy woods, 23 army is still stuck north of Leningrad, commander of North front was already plan to order execution of Pyotr commander of 23rd army, but Pyotr was personally lead defense of last retreat line against two time bigger enemy forces and prevail, so he prevented losing 2 divisions and his reputation is now big in his army. .
drink another sip, that was close one (to self)
..problem is we need those troops at south Leningrad line where we are paper thin and enemy advance without slowing..
27th Army reporting they are ready to attack cutoff enemy mot division tomorrow in early hours, but because Baltic Air Fleet was retreat too soon enemy is got supply from air and win is not so obviously now..
Damn air command they constantly failing, drink cup to bottom, Tatiana refilled just 2 seconds latter.

48th Reserve Army report they 27th Cav.division try to establish connection to 24th army units but they was stop in spot by full XXXV German infantry corps diverted from Leningrad front,
guess they to best they cut in give situation, question is why they have whole corps where i have 1 division, i m not aware Germans have more units than me..take a sip...
34th army of Moscow MD report fail to connect to 24th army from south, 15 km over swamp terrain was out of reach for 8th Moscow PM rifle division, hmm..sip..
Timoshenko from Wester front reporting of heroic battle 50 km west of Mogilev and brave 4th Cav. division who enter battle from reserve positions and save line, on other side our 29th and 54th Cav. division fail to cut 4 infantry division west of Mogilev. 4th army is regroup and it replace unit of 21st army in defending line toward Gomel.
Commander of new formed Bryansk Front order whole 21st army to rail into marshes and try to cut enemy supply lines, enemy not covering Pripyat marches and we have working rail line..
Fine but maybe we need that army in Leningrad?!? guess mine front commanders do not inform me of they plans before they do them !...sip...refill..

9th army of south front report our two dead tired cav. Divisions fail to dislodge 1 rum cav.brigade and open pocket...hmm what pocket?
SW Front report, our 6th and 5th armies are cut of in Vinnitsa, they attempt to break to north but no help from outside and no strength to open both inner and outer ring faith of whole front under question.
I Mikhail take command of 38th and 18th Armies from Dnper line and try to relive mine armies but fail, whole Dnper defense line is now paper thin filled with new empty units or routed troops, request immediate reinforce at Dnper!
#@!@#@!!@##@, who is commanding mine armies me or @#@!@#@#
One more report is on table, but now Stalin is not sure he want to read it, Tatiana try to refill cup but it is catch this time
S: STOP i see what u doing LEAVE ROOM NOW..she was not need to hear it twice..
He take last report:
Souther front report, Odessa fort is lost, 156th rifle division and 8th nav.inf.brigade retreat south of Odessa after just 1 day battle against 3 German infantry divisions and 6h pioneer battalions..they are now cut but direction to northeast was open and they had chance to get to our territory.
but when he stand up brandy is got him...hmm i feel tired maybe i need to sleep first before i order some executions...yes, sleep...

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urtelДата: Четверг, 08.11.2012, 19:45 | Сообщение # 11

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Quote (VitP)
Hi! Good AAR. I would like to see the losses of the parties.

No one in STAVKA know them at this point, they will be part of story...

Quote (VitP)
A few questions: Where Comrade Zhukov?

unemployed currently, will be part of story, when he enter in game..

Quote (VitP)
Uses an opponent aviation besides the support of the troops and supplies?

opponent is destroying il2 production by night raids, all 4 factories, i m currently producing only 10 il2/turn
he also send sweeps over mine airfields...
mine planes support and night transport supplies to partizans...

Quote (VitP)

Tatiana has been tested in NKVD ?
P.S. Please hide the big pictures under spoiler.
P.S.S. Sorry for my English.

many times :), done, no problem mine is not to good also...
urtelДата: Суббота, 10.11.2012, 16:35 | Сообщение # 12

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14.08.1941, STAVKA

General Zhukov report on Duty.
Stalin: General your order are to assembly commission of three high level officer from STAVKA and fly to all Front HQ inspect situation, gather informations about casualties and report here in no more than 10 days.
Z: are members of commission of mine choice?
S: Yes , but one of them need to be from air command, i want they report too
Z: understand, i m on my way
S: Take papers from Tatiana, u also have authority to correct any problem on spot in name of STAVKA.
Z: good..(to self) guess there is allot to correct...

Leningrad, North Front HQ,
General Makarin Popov: Bulk of enemy forces coming directly to Leningrad and i have only 2 weak armies to organize defense, what is with Pyotr is he on positions south of city?
ground liaison officer: all but 2 divisions of 23rd are are on positions, last two again succeed under Pyotr command to repel finish attack.
General Makarin Popov: nice for him, while i losing whole front line he busting his reputation, get me commander of North West front maybe i can get some help from him.
5 minutes later

Officer: we have General Fyodor Kuznetcov from Vishny Volochek on line
Makarin: (to self )Vishny Volochek damn he is far from front..Hello, Kuznetcov what is with your armies mine front is almost empty north of Novogord?
K: I m afraid situation is grim, only army i still have connection is 8th and they are all at ur disposal around Novogord
M: (to self ) offcourse when u are 1000 km from front...
K: (not hear him so continue to report situation) South of Ilmen lake i have only 5th airborne corps, 11th army is cut off north of Pskov, 27th is in bad condition but they retreat to Tallinn, any unit u can evacuate from there is yours
M: how many units i can count from there?
K: 3-5 divisions, they just destroy German mot.division so u will probably have some prisoners to evacuate to
M: Not bad need to contact fleet right now, bye..to self(i think those prisoners will swim)

General Timoshenko speek with General Ivan Bogdanov of Reserve front
T: Out 13th army manage once more to open line to 10th army but 10th fail to connect with 34th of Moscow MD. 4th is cut 3 divisions north of marshes
B: enemy was closed ring around Vitebsk in coordinated effort 29th and 20th open line again but mine back is empty, look like enemy not going to our good positions at Dnper but directly to Smolensk,
too many of mine units are stuck at Mogilev..
T: i got information that 21st army of Bryansk front is travel through marshes and cut south rail line to Minsk, if they can cut north line to whole enemy central front will be out of supply we just need to buy them some time
B: i will try but risk of losing mine best units is high
T: hold line commander!

SW HQ Kiev,

26th army report they connect to 6th army which still hold connection to 12th army so we now have open line all way to Kishinev..line is on many places only 15 km wide...
..map fast..
General Mikail Kipornos now look at map, i m not getting how enemy supply his units we hold all rail lines in our hands, beside one south of Kishinev but our recon planes report that line is not repaired, so how they supply they units.
Good news is we manage to put some defense on Dnper so enemy can't force river without resistance!

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21.08.1941, STAVKA

Stalin reading long list of grim reports.

Moscow air command report enemy again strike our IL2 factories in capital by night.
Stalin(yelling alone in room): yes i know that i hear them every night what are u doing about it ?!?
7th Army report they continue to retreat and conduct delay actions in Karelia.
Stalin(quiet almost tired) i m just waiting day when they report they succeed to retreat to Kremlin.
Baltic fleet report they lose control of port at Oranienbaum, future operations in golf of Finland are almost at stop.
Stalin(little sad) where will u hide if Leningrad fall, to moon?
Western Front report to General Zhukov, we retreat to reserve positions as planed, no attempt is maid to free 10th army units in pocket..
Stalin is little confused, he check report again it is address to General Georgy Zhukov, STAVKA !?!
but before he end calling, door open and they both stud in one strange moment
S: Get me Zhukov fast
T: (at same time) General Zhukov is here.
S: Let him in. Zhukov entering before Tatiana invite him, and start reporting
Zh: Our losses are enor, Stalin interrupt him: WIAT!
S: Tatiana go find Nikola i will need driver, T: but i think he is now on other side of city, servicing car. S: so, take another car and get him. T: on my way..
Zh thinking about what just happened and after he was sure Tatiana was far enough: do we not trust our stuff any more?
S: Ignoring question, when we talk about trust i have one interesting report in mine hands address to Zhukov commander of STAVKA?
Zh: yes i think all future reports will be address in same manner!
S: so this is coup?
Zh: not really, it is just solution to our current problems if u allow me to report i think u will find it reasonable
S: be my guest.
Zh: After STAVKA commission inspect situation on front we report:
in two months we lost 2.300.000 soldiers, 7.800 planes and whole territory west of Dnper and SW of Leningrad
in same time we estimate enemy loses to 300.000 and 1.000 planes.
S: near 1:10 sound like every German soldier worth 10 mines
Zh: that is not all we still have 30 divisions cut from our supply lines without any hope of rescue
S: 30?!
Zh: and another 5 with slim chances to get out
S: that is another 300.000, look like i was right with 1:10 estimate, and your plan is?
Zh: as u can see i was already order all fronts south of Velikie Luki to break contact with enemy and strictly forbid any attempt to relieve pocked units, units at pockets are inform of this order and they are order to buy, as much time as they can, before collapse, only place where we trying to stop enemy now is Leningrad front, but i think we are to late for that
S: WHAT! u asking me to sit back and watch u abandoning city by city and even LENINGRAD?
Zh: i said we will try but i estimate we are to late, i see u have 2 choices, kill me, continue way we do so far and be shoot by Germans before winter, or let me try to reorganize our forces into machine which will lead as to Berlin?
S: And u are confident u can do that?
Zh: if i fail we will both be shoot by Germans so what u have to lose?
S: but how u describe situation this is already lost war, if we lost all territories up to Smolensk by 2 month of fighting how will we protect Moscow by retreating?
Zh: Everything is not that bad, first we have informations of many fighting groups behind enemy backs, all we need is to organize them. I think from those 300.000 soldiers in pockets at last 50.000 will get to partisan units, we just need to supply and support them. Air comand say we have 500 il4 planes in reserve ready for job.
Our logistic train inform me they just finished first circle or rebuilding lost units so in next 10 weeks we will get almost all lost units back, off course with week trained soldiers but it is on as to buy time for they training, and to buy time for our armament industry to build weapons for those new formations
And enemy is on edge of his supply chain so they must SLOW, tanks can't drive on water, so our job now is to buy time, and only chip we have for trade is territory.
S: and what will i do sit and cross fingers?
Zh: off course not, first ting is to get us support from enemies of our enemies, any bullet or plane they send to us will be used against they enemy.
I will cover army job but i need u to backup me from every other angle specially intelligence, industry, you feed mine armies and i will kill enemies!
S: fine u get ur shot and as first part i have strong assurance from intelligence that Finland forces will not pass old border so u can turn all forces toward Germans
Zh: that is exact info i can use, now let as try to survive until winter..

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28.08.1941, Front commanders reporting current situation:

North Front HQ, Leningrad:
Enemy is at city gates our units morale is weak, we hope forts and river Neva will stop enemy but no real hope in that.
Anyway we will fight to last, 23rd, some divisions of 32nd and IAK PVO with two air bases will stay north of river in case city lose connection to rest of country!
NW Front HQ, Vishny Volochek
8th army building line north of Lake Imlen, 48th south of lake. No connection with 11th, 27th army. 24th Army from STAVKA reserve try to cut enemy infantry corps south of lake but fail.

Moscow MD , Moscow
Good news is we cut German Panzer corps east of Smolensk, bad news is there is only 2 inf division between that corps and Moscow!
Reserve Front HQ, Spas-Demensk
We are in full retreat, 2 divisions left on Dnepr and 2 in Smolensk to slow enemy rest of front is moving East - SouthEast
Western Front HQ, Unecha
We holding line on Dnper but with retreat of reserve front our north wing is open so we are in preparations to start retreating.

SW Front HQ, Kiev
We hold line at Dnper South and North of Kiev including city defense with 3 armies. 26th ,6th army and 1st Airborne corps are cut of west of Zhitomir, 2 divisions of 21st army try and fail to get to them, also 6th army try to break out but it was stop by Brigade of Das Reich Mot division.

Bryanks Font HQ, Sumy
Our 21st army in Marshes split, 2 divisions are sent south in attempt to free 26th army of SW Front while 3 divisions raid enemy communication lines south of Minsk. other 2 armies holding line at Dnper south of Cherkassy including city.

Southern Front HQ, Zaporozhye
9th army conducting delay operations between Kirovograd and Krivoi Rog, they cut 9 Panzer and Mot divisions but we know enemy will easy connect they units and continue advance, there is no line behind 9th army we urgently need to reinforce this area. Coastal army hold line at Nikolaev but they are in danger to be cut of from north!

43rd reserve army continue to dig at Crimea mouth.

Zhukov to self: guess we reach bottom of pit..

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3 armies of Leningrad front, 32nd, 55th, 28th report enemy advance up to 15km this week, we still have open land line to city but we expect to lose it in next week.
Baltic fleet report it is unable to evacuate rest of 27th army(2x divs) from Tallinn but it manage to transport fine number of support battalions from 11th and 27th armies.
South of Ilmen lake 48th and 24th holding line...
22nd of Moscow MD was force to retreat from Velikie Luki but it stop enemy just 30 km east of city...
29th of Reserve front report it stay surround in Smolensk area with 3 division to slow enemy while rest of front dig at new positions.
160th inf div of 31st army try to break ring around Smolensk without orders and fail.
2 divisions of 21st manage to open line to leftovers of 26th army south of marshes..
German Cav. division mange to penetrate deep into marshes and break rail line to 21st army, enemy is surround but rescue of 21st army is now under big question!
Enemy approach our line at Dnper south of Kiev on many places but so far we think line will hold.
2 Divisions of 9th army is cutoff but they buy time to new formed 51st army of South front to connect defensive line north of Dnper all way to Dnepropetrovsk, and new 40th army of STAVKA reserve extracting line all way to Zaporozhye.
Coastal army succeed to break line through 1 brigade of Wiking SS division and pocket 1 panzer dvision and 2 brigades, but our retreat from positions around Nikolaev is too slow whole army in threat to be cut off.

West front air command report enemy again try to swipe them from sky in 20 attack they lose around 170 planes but this time manage to shoot down 30 planes and 50% of they fighter group still fly in old planes. Commander is sure when all groups get new planes loses will be in normal boundaries, ie 1:3...
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